High Flyers to include several M&M WHP classes.

High Flyers, the prestigious new horse show at the East of England Arena and Events Centre , 15-17 March 2019, is to feature a full complement of Mountain and Moorland WHP classes in its competition schedule, open to professional and amateur riders and owners, young and old with young ponies and horses that have the potential to excel at competition level.

“For the native breeds,” explained Betsy Branyan, High Flyers’ event organiser, “these classes will be a great opportunity for them to experience being under the spotlight in a competitive ring with spectators and get a feel for full show conditions. It’s a chance for young animals to be educated in a sympathetic and nurturing environment, and allowing them to develop into a top class equine.”
“Riders and producers we’ve spoken to have said that there should be greater opportunities to compete for M&Ms, particularly the less experienced ponies,” Betsy continued, “and given their popularity with spectators too, I’m delighted to see them feature so prominently in the schedule and I’m really looking forward to welcoming them to High Flyers Show.”


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